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CANE AND COMPASS: Pointing the Way for Creative Orientation and Mobility Instruction

I am Ashley Broussard, a daughter, friend, student, future Orientation and Mobility Specialist and young adult trying to find my place in the world.

I am a graduate student at Cal State University Los Angeles in the Orientation and Mobility program, class of summer 2015. I received my bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders and minor in Philosophy at the college in 2014.

As I have been progressing through the O&M program and began student teaching, I have quickly realized there is a shortage of resources for creative instruction. There are numerous videos and tutorials all over the web that show how to perform O&M techniques, but a lack of resources to aid specialists to teach clients/students concepts in fun, motivating, creative ways.

I was inspired to create this online space for all O&M specialists to visit and use with the hope that there can be a collective resource for creative lesson planning.

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  1. Hi Ashley! I just visited your site and thought of you : ) I hope all is well… Julie Holland

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