Memory Game: Identifying Features of an Intersection

This is a game for low vision students to learn and practice vocabulary often used at intersections. The game is simple and additional pictures can be added as a student develops. The size of pictures can be adjusted for each student and the idea can be applied to teaching other concepts as well.

Step 1:┬áSelect pictures that best display features you’d like to teach.


Step 2: Print doubles of each picture.


Step 3: Introduce the pictures to your student. I walked to an intersection with my student and introduced each picture individually and asked if he could match the picture with the real thing. We then reviewed the vocabulary together and I let him know it was time to “Play a game!!” Sit with the student, review the pictures, place them down with the blank side showing and shuffle around.


Step 4: Take turns with the student to try and find two matching pictures. If two pictures do not match, turn them back over in same spot. Whenever the student turns a picture over ask them what it is. When it is your turn do the same so it seems fair.


Step 5: Continue until all the pictures are matched up and whoever has the most wins!


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