Indoor/Sit Down V-Tech Lesson

Sometimes students need to take breaks during lessons and I developed this activity to be done either during a break or during an indoor/sit down lesson. A current student has just been introduced to verification cane technique and I have been trying to think of creative ways for her to begin to consistently maintain her cane in the right position. The problem is that I only have thirty minutes a week with her and she needs a break to rest in the middle of each lesson. This activity can maintain productivity during a break or be used alone as a lesson itself.

I first searched the internet for the best drawing I could find of a person standing or walking in a similar position that I would have my student in. This is the best one I found.


I then had the picture enlarged


I then looked through all my materials in my resource kit and made mini canes out of some leftover foam board, duct tape, and a black marker.


With a few of the enlarged pictures I placed X’s on where the cane should be when walking


The purpose is for my student to place and tape the canes in the right spots


I even placed a few in the wrong position


The goal of the activity is for the student to independently place the mini canes in the right position on the picture


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