Race to the Finish Line

Contributed by Karmela Yahyakashani

Game materials
  1. Small cars or people
  2. Cut out stars
  3. Stack of cards that have lateral directions.
  • i.e. Left 1 space, Right 2 spaces.
  • (the game can become advanced by adding East and West directions, and/or adding additional streets to make it North and South).

How to Play

Objective of the game is to make it to the finish line with the most stars.

  1. Place the cards face down on the game board.
  2. You can choose which player goes first.
  3. Pick a card and move the car based on what the card says (the card can make you change your directions= ex. If you’re moving Right to reach the finish line and the card you pick says “Left 1 Space” you have to turn around and go left 1 space.)
  4. When you reach the fork in the road you can choose which way you want to go.
  5. If you reach the stop sign, you lose a turn.
  6. If you’re card stops on a space with a star, collect a star cutout. Stars can be collected to receive a prize after a chosen number are earned, or they can be used to determine who goes first for the next game.
  7. Complete the game by reaching the finish line.


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