Fill In The Blank

This is a lesson I designed that luckily can be used for more than one purpose. For two of my own students I wrote a few sentences that apply to their goals and deleted the key words. I plan to use this lesson with a student who is learning to use a monocular and with a student who is learning v-tech. At the beginning of a lesson I can tell my student, “I have written a story with missing words and we are going to walk around campus to locate and read the words that complete the story.”

I printed out a page with blank spaces for the students to fill out throughout the lesson. Here are examples:


For the student who is learning to use a monocular I printed the deleted words in large font with a brightly colored background. At the end of the lesson the story will be completed so the student can read, “There was a girl named _______. She kept her head up wherever she walked and used her monocular to see.”


For a student who is learning v-tech I needed to think of way to motivate her to walk around her campus and stay engaged. Again I printed out large font words, but this time I placed them in brightly colored envelopes for her to find around campus to complete her story that goes, “There was a girl named _______ and she liked to walk around with her cane. Wherever she went her cane was across her body.


This is another lesson that can be used for instruction in any technique or skill and I even have proof since I am using it with two of my own students with different goals! The length of the story can vary depending on how long a lesson is and how fast a student completes activities.

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