Four Corners Game

This is a game designed to emphasize clockwise/counterclockwise crossings. I have a student who is learning clock concepts such as the two directions of the circles, but is demonstrating difficulty transitioning the concepts to intersections. This game requires a lot of repetition which I am hopeful will help develop his understanding of crossing in either direction despite the fact that an intersection is not round.

I first cut a foam board into two circles. One for me one for the student.


I then added four squares to represent four corners of an intersection.


& then I added pipe cleaners as the hands of the clock and made sure they were long enough to touch each corner.


Since this is a game, I added a “Home” corner to each board with pieces of a sponge.


I made three cards which will placed in a bag to be picked to determine how many crossings each player makes and whenever someone reaches Home they get a star. The first person to receive 10 stars wins! The cards are made out of foam board and rolled up pipe cleaners. A small toy figure can also be used with the hands of a clock to simulate a person crossing corner to corner.



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