Why Do I Use A Monocular?

I am currently teaching one of my students how to use a monocular and as her skills have been developing I decided it might be useful to conduct a lesson about why she uses it on mobility lessons. Due to various reasons most lessons are currently conducted on campus so this is a lesson I created about why she may use a monocular in the future.

I first had a document enlarged that we could fill out and she could take home at the end of the lesson.


I then printed out four possibilities in different font sizes and stuck them to a board with a bright colored background.


Since the lesson was going to take place on campus I printed pictures of each of the answers for her to hold and for us to talk about.


I posted the boards at different locations around her campus such as in sunny and shady areas, and at eye level and above eye level. This particular student really enjoyed this lesson and even stated that she is looking forward to finding the real objects out in a neighborhood one day.

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