Orientation & Monocular-ity

This is an idea that I thought of and used with one student over seven consecutive lessons. My goal was to build his orientation skills and for him to practice using a monocular.

I decided to start by making a map of the neighborhood around his school. I used Google Maps to print out a map of an area that I chose, had the map enlarged, and used a sharpie to bold the letters and add some color. (I have blocked out the street names for confidentiality)


Each week we walked to different locations and I had him use the monocular to see if our location was on the map, we also added landmarks, and I had him plan routes back to school.


After a few weeks his skills with the monocular were stronger and he was beginning to remember most of the street names. I decided to make tabs on the map that covered the street names but they could be lifted when needed. Each color represented a street and the landmarks we added were left uncovered. I then had the student use the map to plan routes to different locations and use the monocular to verify we correctly arrived at our destinations.


Once the student demonstrated consistent knowledge of the street names I left the map behind and made envelopes with different intersection locations. I had him choose an envelope at random, to then  travel to and if he correctly traveled to a minimum of three locations and made a sharp image with the monocular he got a prize!

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