O&M Story Time

I found out last minute that I was going to have to conduct an on campus lesson for an elementary school student I always took to the neighborhood near his school. I wanted to come up with a fun lesson so that my student would not be bored and I wanted a way to keep him fully engaged.

My solution….write a short story about him to fill out that was packed with vocabulary and skills we had been practicing out in the neighborhood.

This is a lesson that can be modified for any O&M concepts which I think is always a plus!

Here is the story….

A Story about a Boy Named

__________(student name)

There once was a boy named ___________ and every ____________ he went on

mobility adventures with Ms. Ashley.

After signing out at the office, they always walked on the ________(sidewalk)

together to the _________ (corner) close to school.

They would always stop at the __________ (curb)
and check if there was a ______ _______ (stop sign) or ________ ________(traffic light) .

_________(student name) always knew it was safe to cross

the street when he could not see or hear cars,

and he always used the ________________(crosswalk).

__________(student name) and Ms. Ashley would also walk by houses and always

look and listen for people driving their cars in and out of



I also have pictures of each word printed out to help him identify the answers and to review the terms since the student will be on campus for this activity.


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