The Little Book about Scanning

This is a lesson I developed to review scanning patterns for street crossings in both directions with a student at the end of my internship while student teaching. This is designed as a sit down lesson to create a project that a student can keep, take home, and share with their friends and family. (I like to dream that this is what really happens.)

The materials needed are ones I already had in my resource kit from previous projects which are scissors, pipe cleaners, foam sheets, markers, and a sharpie.


I first had the student make a cover for the mini book. I designed one with my name as an example.


I then had the student choose which colored foam they would like and cut each one into four pieces and place in the four corners of a paper. Then with a sharpie we labeled which direction a traveler would be crossing in and the correct scanning patterns.

streetbook3 streetbook4

This lesson can be adapted for various concepts and I believe it is a fun way to review what was worked on during my internship with a student instead of buying anything.

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