O&M Multi-Use Cards

After tonight I realized I am going through a fill in the blank, lets make a book, here is a card phase. Even so, maybe someone has never used this idea and can go through their own phase like me.

It is week nine of the quarter and time to say goodbye to the students so here are three different ways to say goodbye with a similar theme.


From left to right, one student learned constant contact with a cane, one student loved wearing bows in her hair and learned how to use a monocular, and one student learned how to identify features of an intersection. I found these pictures through a Google Clipart search but I did try to individualize them.

Inside two of the cards are fill in the blank goodbye notes for one student to use the monocular and the other to use scanning skills to find the missing words.

cards2 cards3 cards4

The card with the boy on the cover has blank pages inside for my student to have fun and draw a stop sign, driveway, sidewalk, wheelchair ramp, speed bump, etc.

These cards were made for students with good residual vision but some may benefit from the cards being in bold print on enlarged paper or reading the cards with an assistive device.

I designed these activities for my last lessons with students, but these ideas can be used anytime a student develops a new skill and is ready to learn something new. It is also a way to have a fun lesson that a student may not be expecting in the middle of the year.

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