Marco Polo-rientation

I was recently faced with the challenge of coming up with a last minute indoor activity due to thunder and lightning!

I came up with the idea of Marco Polo-rientation to practice the cardinal directions and degrees.

The game is played similar to Marco Polo with one person being “it” while the other person chooses a place to stand inside of a room. One player stands still, counts to 15, and then has to determine where the other person is in the room by using the compass directions and midpoints.

For example, one player yells out “Marco” and the other responds with “Polo” then the first player may say, “You are in the west part of the room. I had to turn 90′ to face you.” This game also unintentionally includes demonstration of the ability to use auditory information for orientation purposes.

For every correct answer a player can earn one point. Unlike the original game, this is not intended to have students roaming around a room to find someone. Each player should remain standing still unless it is their turn to choose which direction they want to be within the room.

Each player can take a turn and the first player to get X number of answers correct wins!

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