Orientation Picture Book

This project has been a hit with students and they have loved the idea of making their very own book.


I got the idea for this project from other O&M’s when I would do observations when I was in school so I don’t know who the original creator is.

First, one lesson should be spent traveling a route with your student in search of landmarks and taking pictures. I usually hold my phone and let my students touch the screen to take their own pictures.

Second, have the pictures either developed or print them out. I prefer to have the pictures developed because it is so cheap and good quality, but you can also just print them out from home.

Third, I like to spend another lesson with my students letting them glue their pictures onto paper and making their own book.

Also, you can choose to either label the pictures or leave them blank. I recommend if you label them to choose to do it in a way that can later be removed when the student begins to remember the names.

The books can be used to increase a students independence with orientation when traveling a route by relying less on instructor prompts about which direction to go next.

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