O&M Texture Book

This activity is designed for a student to practice texture discrimination. I chose different common materials that I already had around the house and I stuck each object onto a piece of paper to create an O&M Texture Book.

My inspiration for this activity was one of my students who is in kindergarten and is totally blind. I would like her to be exposed to different textures at an early age so she can develop the ability to discriminate between as many textures as possible with little to no difficulty.

These are the materials for textures I have so far but I hope this book is always a work in progress.



Materials used:

Soft: cotton balls

Rough: sponge

Bumpy: small dome stickers

Foamy/soft: piece of foam

Prickly: piece of a tree

Fuzzy: Velcro

Crinkly: A crumbled piece of a plastic sheet protector

These are the textures I am going to start with, but some other ideas are:

Silky, Leathery, Hard, Scratchy, Rubbery, Wooden, Feathery, Slippery, Squishy

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