Ride-Sharing Services

Attached is a guideline I created for teaching students how to use ride-sharing apps. such as Uber and Lyft. I have taught a few students about these services and thought it would be convenient to have a guideline to follow so that I do not forget to cover anything.


Feel free to download and use and let me know if you have any feedback

2 thoughts on “Ride-Sharing Services

  1. Ashley- I always enjoy your creative blog ideas and love that you have the time to blog.
    It would be great if you added the concept that ALL students should have a “plan B” in mind in case a ride sharing experience doesn’t work out for them. This might be a real person that they could call to get them out of a bind. This might have to be a taxi cab, if so they need to have an emergency $20, on them at all times. Thanks for all the amazing teaching ideas, I have beening teaching blind/VI kids O&M for almost 9 years and it’s the greatest job ever.


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