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Attached is a guideline for teaching students how to use ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. I have taught a few students about these services and thought it would be convenient to have a guideline to follow so that I do not forget to cover anything. Feel free to download for use and comment if you have any feedback.

This guideline was originally shared in January 2016 and has been updated January 2018.

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Helpful Links

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5 thoughts on “Ride-Sharing Services

  1. Ashley- I always enjoy your creative blog ideas and love that you have the time to blog.
    It would be great if you added the concept that ALL students should have a “plan B” in mind in case a ride sharing experience doesn’t work out for them. This might be a real person that they could call to get them out of a bind. This might have to be a taxi cab, if so they need to have an emergency $20, on them at all times. Thanks for all the amazing teaching ideas, I have beening teaching blind/VI kids O&M for almost 9 years and it’s the greatest job ever.

  2. Hello Ashley,

    Under the communication portion of your document, you may wish to suggest the use of something like Google Translator to overcome language barriers. As a blind traveler, I have found it invaluable for sending text messages and realtime communication.

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