Cane Modification Tip

I currently have a student who has difficulty putting the elastic on his cane when he folds it up and is ready to put it away. He has to find an adult to hold the cane for him so he can use two hands to hold the elastic, and with this help he sometimes does not get the elastic around all four sections.

Every time I have finished a lesson with this particular student, I have yearned to discover a modification so that he can fold his cane independently.

This is what I came up with.

Step 1: These are some Velcro pieces I got at the dollar store, but I am going to order a large role online that I found for only $5! I also am going to order it in black so that if it gets dirty it’ll be harder to tell.


Step 2: Take a piece of the hook side (non fuzzy piece) of the Velcro and wrap it around the cane grip. I placed mine where the elastic would typically end up.


Step 3: Take two pieces of the loop (fuzzy side) of the Velcro and stick them together.


Step 4: Take one hook piece and add it to the loops but facing the opposite direction. I had to cut this piece shorter.


Step 5: Now stick it to the hook piece added on the cane and wrap it around the cane with the fuzzy part facing out.

When the cane is unfolded the Velcro can be wrapped around the grip to prevent it from sticking out.


Do you have any cane modifications that you have come up with that work? Please share!!


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