Red Light, Green Light

I played this game with two students in different grades with different abilities, and both absolutely loved it!

It is the traditional Red Light, Green Light, but I was sneaky and incorporated as much O&M into the lesson as possible. I also try to put emphasis that traffic laws are designed to keep drivers and pedestrians safe by making everyone take turns to go across the intersection.

First before playing, I asked the student to tell me what each color tells drivers to do. What does the red light mean a driver has to do? Yellow? Green?

While playing you can talk about the importance of stopping at corners and not stepping into the street without looking and waiting until it is safe, or depending on the age and ability of the child, not crossing the street without an adult.

How to Play:

Take turns with the student or if you can, invite a third person to play to call out the colors.

Red= Stop

Yellow= Walk

Green= Run

I made this model of a traffic light to be the target and whoever reaches and touches it first wins!


Props can also be set up along the way to the target that represent intersections and players must stop and look both ways for pretend cars before continuing.

I played this game with a student as a reward after he completed his first three lessons at a simple light controlled intersection. During our first trip to a light controlled intersection I told him we would play this game in a future lesson and it motivated him to learn and stay engaged to earn the reward.

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