What’s In My Bag?

whatsinmybagBeing an itinerant service provider is a synonym for:

“Your car is your office and your purse is your desk”

Throughout this first school year being out in the field, I have developed some must-have items that I cannot go a work day without.

Pictured are items I pulled out of my purse, and I start to feel a little anxious if I start running low on them.

Aside from my trunk being full of supplies for lessons, this is a list of personal items I must have with me to feel comfortable and confident throughout the day.

My must have items are:

Post-its, markers, pens

Business cards

A notebook for longer notes (blog ideas)


Coins for public transportation

Portable charger

A quick snack for in-between lessons

Clorox wipes, first-aid kit, tissues

Perfume rollerball, oil-absorbing sheets, gum, chap stick, elastic hair tie, lotion

Ibuprofen (for those days all the stomping around on your feet gets to your head)

A toy car and plastic strawberry (just in case I get bored…..just kidding. I found those in the bottom of my purse after using them during lessons this week)

Not pictured must-haves: WATER, COFFEE, TEA, glasses, Tide-to-Go pen, lint roller, and last but not least, a smile =)

What are your must-haves to get through the day?




5 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag?

  1. The is a great post we can all learn from. After 9 years I have been over this many times. First of all, I don’t care a purse, I only use a “Fanny pack” I am always hands free when working with the kids so I can grab them especially when at a crosswalk. Beside the basics ( phone, wallet, keys,etc…) I always have. Plastic measuring tape which I use a lot. I have a back up phone charger, I have a compass with braille on it, Misc. Wires (FM wiress, Braillenote wires,etc.) I always have a small colorful ball that makes noise. Another must is a Sharpie Black for marking things.
    And last but not least a roll of lifesavers candies.
    I think is all I can think of right now. Having the Fanny pack doesn’t make a fasion statement but makes me feel safe with everything with me and I can always use my hands. Then on weekends I change and use a regular purse.
    Can’t wait to see what others have carry on them…

  2. Wow! This is spot on! I also keep a mini first-aid kit in my purse in case there’s an incident during a lesson. I had a student who got a bloody nose during a lesson and that kit was a life saver. Right now, I have disposable vinyl gloves, band-aids, cleansing wipes, kleenex, and small antiseptic packets. Pads are also not a bad idea to have for female students who are still trying to manage their menstrual cycle. Totally agree with one of the posts above…measuring tape is great if I need to measure a student for a new cane.

    1. Thank you for your comment! You’ve added some great suggestions. I also had a student get a bloody nose and I learned you can never be over prepared for that. haha

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