Sun Safe Mobility

One item that is great to have and an essential for some during mobility lessons is a hat. During the last few ┬áback to school weeks and especially with it still being so hot and sunny I wanted to make sure my students were being sun safe…even if I sometimes am not. (They do not need to know that)

This is a fun and very affordable project I have done with a few students. All you need are hats and fabric paint. Depending on the age of the student the size of hat they will need will vary. The students have enjoyed being creative and I even got one student who was not very found of the hat idea to be willing to wear one.

I picked up my supplies at Joann’s Fabrics for less than $5.

Below is an example a middle school student created:


Here are the links to the materials:

Baseball cap or Visor:

Pack of Visors:

Fabric Paint:

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