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I have quite a few high school students who are interested in going to college. One student who is a high school sophomore has already written a list of schools she would possibly like to attend, and another student who recalls a field trip he took to a local state college as a memorable life experience.

I wanted to develop a lesson plan for these students that would include this interest of theirs with as many mobility skills and techniques that I could squeeze together. It has also been a major plus doing this at the same time with multiple students because it makes lesson planning easier, I just tweak a few things for each students individual needs.

  1. Make a list of local colleges. They can be either community or state schools. If your student has a particular interest like the arts, see if there is an art school nearby too.
  2. Visit the school’s website to check parking policies. Usually community colleges have visitor parking up to 40 minutes but you may need to buy a day pass at state schools. If you have a handicap placard make sure you don’t need a pass before parking for a longer period.
  3. Print out a school map! Of course try and visit the school beforehand if you can.
  4. Take your student to the school and have them use the map to find major points of interest. Here are some possible POI: BUS STOPS, student center, student store, cafeteria, library, theater, math, English, art, and science buildings, counseling and advisement, financial aid, cashiers office, computer lab, tutoring center
  5. Take another trip to the school using public transportation
  6. Have the student take a solo ride using public transportation
  7. Hopefully by the end of a few college visits your student will have developed an opinion about pros and cons of each school

This same process can be used for places a student might want to get their first part time job. I like my students to tell me places they would like to visit because I hope it will motivate them to participate and enjoy mobility time.

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  1. Most colleges also have a career day, which is a great opportunity for kids to really go and explore different departments and even talk to college students that are currently attending. Also don’t forget, to connect them to the Disability resource center so they can get accommodation. This is always the first location we learn on campus.

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