Cane and Compass New Year Challenge

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! Yup 2017…so a real new year, not new school year. As an instructor which calendar do you follow? I tend to end up following both.

There are two weeks still left in this first month and I want to post a new year challenge for all my followers!

I challenge you to contribute one creative lesson to the blog!

If everyone completes this challenge that will create OVER 30 new creative lessons for everyone to use. That is equivalent to one lesson for every day in February including weekends.

If you need help thinking of a lesson topic I am offering one suggestion:

How can you creatively teach a student how to identify the three things that make a landmark?  (unique, permanent, distinctive)

The reason I created this blog is for instructors to have a resource for creative lesson planning where we give/receive ideas that can be routinely added to make our lives easier.

Will you please join this challenge?!

I can’t wait to hear from you.

If you have a great idea to contribute to the blog please e-mail your name, description of the lesson, and any pictures to

OR use the template below!


4 thoughts on “Cane and Compass New Year Challenge

  1. I would love to join the challange, but would ask that you consider asking for lesson “ideas” not formal lesson plans. With a caseload of 30 kids and 3 incoming kids there is no way to help with this fun project. Or give a template to fill in to make is as easy as possible.

    I think others would be more willing to jump in with creative ideas of lessons they teach.

    Hope this makes sense, let me know what you think and I will start it off.

    1. Creating a template is a great idea! I will work on one and post it in the “How to Contribute” page on the site so it can always be accessible. As for now, just a short who, what, where, when, why description will work.
      •Who is the lesson/idea created for? Young or Older?
      •What are you going to be doing? Working on monocular skills or public transportation?
      •Where is this performed? Inside/outside, community?
      •When? Does it matter if it’s morning/afternoon/night
      •Why? What is the purpose of the idea?

      Hope this helps!

    2. I have uploaded a template on this posting and on the “How to Contribute” page. Thank you for your suggestion, hope this helps make it easier. It never has to be anything elaborate, I will be happy to receive any contributions.

      1. Thanks for working on this to make it easier for other Specialist, I now have to narrow it down since I have so many creative ideas. I think I will use a idea I have used recently. Hope it helps and please bug me again if you need more suggestions in a certain areas you are looking for.

        I contuine to love your blog and look at it for fresh ideas when I am insipired. I am making a new game and I am not done with it so I will post back when I am finished.

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