Are We There Yet?!

This is a board game I created for a fun O&M lesson that also sneaks in a lesson about traffic signs.



foam board, foam sheets, paper, markers, scissors, glue, toy cars, and traffic signs.

I used this website that has TONS of traffic signs available for print.

How to Play:

Each player is a toy car and starts at the top left on the “Slippery When Wet” sign.

Shuffle the green, yellow, and red cards and place face down. Each color determines how many spaces you move. Each player takes turns choosing a card and moving their car along the board.

Green= 3 Yellow= 2 Red=1

If a player lands on a “Stop Sign” they must stop moving forward UNLESS they have collected a “Skip the Stop” card shuffled in with the other cards. No more than two of these cards are needed. Once a “Skip the Stop” is drawn, the player can choose an additional colored card to take their turn.


If a player lands on a “Railroad Crossing” sign they have to skip a turn while they pretend to wait for a train to pass by.

If a player lands on the “Freeway Entrance” or “One Way” they get to move ahead an additional place.

If a player lands on the “Detour” they have to go backwards when they were so close to winning!

Whoever reaches the “Parking Lot” first wins! You can pick a fun place you’re trying to reach at the beginning of the game.

What is great about this game is there are countless ways to play by switching the signs and what they mean a player has to do! Ideally I would create all traffic signs with Velcro so I could keep this game with me in my car and switch it up whenever needed.

*Disclaimer* This game has been approved by a second and sixth grader!





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