QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Contributed by: Diana Herrera, Cal State University Los Angeles


Age Group:  Ages 7-22

Goals for the students whom I used this activity for included:

  • Will indicate compass directional corners and determine the direction that streets run .
  • Will analyze an intersection and safely cross at a stop signed or light controlled intersection with visual or auditory means and remain oriented in environment by identifying directional opposites.
  • This activity can be incorporated for many goals including scanning, compass corners, residential block travel, environmental features (e.g fire hydrant, bus bench.

Materials: iPad or iPhone, app with QR code reader, website with QR generator, printer, paper, glue or tape, construction paper.


  1. Make the hunt for clues fun with QR codes.
  2. Choose a theme to make it fun (See examples below)
  3. Generate instructions in the QR code (eg. travel north, cross Main St. going East, cross to the SW corner)
  4. Print the QR codes. Label them 1,2,3,4, etc. so you don’t get confused when you are posting them.
  5. Cut out the QR code and paste it on construction paper (you can make it more fun by making you background a theme, e.g. Batman).
  6. Go early to the student’s lesson and post your creation along their route.
  7. Encourage scanning so they can spot the QR code. You might want to show the student what they are looking for beforehand.
  8. Once the student locates the QR code have them use the scanner in the iPad to read the clue. You may set the iPad with voiceover or not.
  9. Have the student follow the clue.

QR CODE Instructions:

  • To generate the QR code you need to go to qrstuff.com and you basically follow the steps. Make sure you have your printer and paper ready to print them. Also, have a pen ready so you can label the corner of the paper if not it is easy to confuse the order.
  1. On qrstuff.com follow the steps from left to right. Start on step 1 (Data type). I choose plain text.
  2. Step 2: (Content) In the text box, type your phrase/ direction one at a time. I wrote it on a Word document and then I pasted it. I think it’s easier and safer that way in case what you wrote in gets deleted.
  3. Step 3: (Foreground Colour) I just leave it black. I don’t click on anything but you can change the color.
  4. The last step is clicking on the blue button that says “Download QR Code”. Then a small window will pop up with the QR code and then print it. I do these steps one phrase at a time so I don’t confuse my order. Then as soon as they print them I label them 1,2,3,4, etc.
  5. Then before your lesson you paste them along the route in order but make sure that you take it off after you’re done.
  6. You also need to download the a QR scanner on your phone or ipad. I just typed “free qr code” in the app store.
  7. The qr scanner works just like a camera. The student matches the box on the QR Scanner to the qr code box.
  8. Below I added examples that I made for my student’s lessons.
  9. Enjoy


Arrrrrggggh Matey!!

You are on a hunt for your next destination.

But first you must follow cardinal directions, analyze intersections, use your monocular, and listen for ships (cars) in your territory to get the clues

  1. Face North and walk until you reach the curb.

Identify which cardinal corner you are on and don’t forget to scan for the next clue.

Your first letter is M.

  1. Great Job Lad!

You found the second clue

Name the streets and cardinal directions. Analyze the intersection and tell your

shipmate when you think it is safe to cross.

Head West.

Your next clue is O

  1. Ahoy!

You made it to the other side! And avoided all the ships (cars).

Remind your shipmate of the street that you are walking next to and the cardinal


Your next letter is B (CLUE: The next clue might be where other pirates wait for the

BIG ship)

  1. Shiver me timbers!

You’re almost to the last clue!

But first you have to name the streets of the intersections, cardinal directions, and

analyze the intersection.

Your next letter is E.

  1. Yo-ho-ho! You have found the last clue.

Your last letter is L.

(hint: Furniture in Swedish)

Can you guess where our next adventure will be?


  1. Hello! You will need to scan for more of these to get us to the next intersection. Head to your NW corner. Walk North until you come across the first telephone pole.
  2. Good Scanning! Continue North to Lomita Blvd and President Ave. onto the SW corner.
  3. Woo hoo! Head to the NW corner of this intersection
  4. Head to the NE corner of this intersection.
  5. You’re on a Roll! Head to the SE corner of the intersection and take us back to the car! Good job!



  1. KAPOWW!!

Batman has left clues for you along the way for you to get closer to your house.

Remember to look up and scan for the Batman clues.

You will need to head WEST until you reach the intersection and cross the street heading NORTH

Name the streets, cardinal directions, identify the intersection shape and control, use the iPad or monocular and cross safely by putting your cane “on display” and “flagging” before crossing.

Remember: You will need to get your fellow Wonder Women back to the car.

  1. Right on Superhero!! You made it to the other side.

You will need to continue heading NORTH on your journey to the next intersection.

Name the streets, cardinal directions, identify the intersection shape and control, use the iPad or monocular and cross safely by putting your cane “on display” and “flagging” before crossing.

  1. This is new territory for a new superhero.

To get to the other side of the street (continue EAST) you will need to:

Name the streets, cardinal directions, identify the intersection shape and control, use the iPad or monocular and cross safely by putting your cane “on display” and “flagging” before crossing.


You crossed the final intersection using all your superhero techniques and skills.

In order to accomplish your mission you need to take yourself and your fellow superheroes back to the car. You can do it!

One thought on “QR Code Scavenger Hunt

  1. I’ve done it just with a Bingo board to avoid printing anything (I don’t have a printer at home)

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