Match Your Route!

Contributed by: Alyssa Mullen, Cal State University Los Angeles



Appropriate for ages: 3-10

Materials needed: Cardboard, colored foam, puffy paint, markers, and if you want adhesive Velcro and Popsicle sticks

Steps: This is something that is great for those indoor lesson days to review route shapes. It can be used with a low vision student or it can be used for a blind student since the lines are made with puffy paint and you can Velcro Popsicle sticks around each route shape to make it more distinct.

I added other shapes like a star and triangles to make it more fun for the student. This board is cut into a puzzle as well, which makes it a lot easier to transport and adds another activity for the student. I used adhesive Velcro on the shapes so that they would have a clear back and front.

I was working with a student with low vision and cognitive delay who loved 3D puzzles and this was a great motivation for him to learn the route shapes and play with a puzzle. We would identify the shapes, categorize them by color sometimes, and then match the shapes on the puzzle. Then to branch off from there, every time you plan a route they can pick the appropriate shape physically with their hand and then hold it as we walked the route.

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