NOW/SEE This Address System Activity

Contributed by: Diana Herrera, Cal State University Los Angeles


Goal: Will implement the address system using the NOW/SEE and common consistencies to find a destination

Age Group: middle school-adult

Materials: marker, water toy noodles, cards (different colors) with addresses, tape, tables

  1. Fold construction paper in 6 parts and cut out the rectangles
  2. Next write odd and even addresses where the last two numbers range from 0-99 (choose two streets that the student is familiar with)
  3. Start by setting up 2 tables parallel about 36 inches apart to create a walkway and set up another table perpendicular to those tables 36 inches apart without blocking the walkway that was created
  4. Take your water noodles and tape them to the edges of the tables to create two interactive streets
  5. Before starting establish the “streets” and the direction they run
  6. Have the student choose a card and go the to interactive model of street made with water toy noodles and walk through the streets and place the cards with the addresses on the appropriate location based on the common consistencies of the address system (NOW/SEE and numbering system)
  7. When the student is done, have the student walk through the streets and double check that they placed them in the correct area.




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