The New School Year is Fast Approaching. Let Cane and Compass Help!


It’s August! To me this month represents a blend of two seasons. August brings the last few weeks of summer vacation blended with back to school shopping and preparing for the new school year. If you work on a school calendar you’ve probably been asked the question “Do you celebrate New Year’s Day in January or on the first day of school?”

If you are new to the blog I suggest checking out a lesson I like to do with students when I meet them for the first time or I want to learn more about them and see if their interests have changed. Last school year I learned a lot can change over summer break. One of my students had transitioned from elementary into middle school and made a 180′ turn with his interests and hobbies.

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There are more fun activities on the blog that are great to help ease your students transition from summer break back into their O&M routine.

Check out this fun activity about being sun safe that is great to do at the beginning of the year and gives your students something that lasts all year long.

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If your student is still having trouble getting motivated you can try this activity that makes them come up with reasons why O&M is important.

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Do you have any ideas or lessons you’d like to contribute to the blog? Now is a great time to do so before school starts and you’ll be helping your peers.

If you’re like me you are probably starting to organize your supplies and have started buying some fresh notepads and planners. Check out this post I did about my everyday must-have items in my purse? A few people left some great comments about what they carry everyday too.

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One thing you don’t have to search the aisles at the store for are comfortable tees that are great to wear to work!

The Cane and Compass Shop has new styles designed just for YOU.

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