Intersection Analysis is COOL…

Contributed by: Cindy Wang Kohlhepp, MA



O&M skill: Intersection Analysis

Appropriate for ages:

  • Elementary school age students (who are ready for intersection analysis)
  • Anyone who like colorful popsicle sticks

Materials needed:

  • Colorful popsicle sticks (from Michael’s, approx. $4.99)
  • Marker
  • Ring binder ring
  • Drill
  • Brailler and braille label paper

O&M Skill requirements:

  • Must already have introduced intersection analysis concepts

How to use this activity:

I made these intersection analysis popsicle sticks, so I don’t have to keep verbally reminding my students what they need to analyze for at an intersection. My students carry this popsicle stick ring during our lessons, and at an intersection, they look through the ring to remember what they need to analyze. Note that the purple popsicle stick is very hard to read—it’s the one for visibility. My students have remembered that purple is for visibility because it’s hard to see, and you want to make sure drivers can see you. This activity is only helpful after all concepts have already been introduced, and it’s time to practice.

I decided to use these popsicle sticks because they’re very colorful and more interesting and fun than note cards.

I made 2 versions—one with print only for my low vision students and one with braille overlay for my totally blind students.

Here are some popsicle stick jokes to throw in for a silly break:

Why are math textbooks always stressed?

They deal with so many problems

How do you make a milkshake?

Take a cow to a horror movie

How did Jane mend the farmer’s pants?

With cabbage patches

Why wasn’t the computer hungry?

It just had a byte

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