Guide to Online Grocery Order & Delivery Services

Contributed by: Cindy Wang Kohlhepp, MA


Attached is a guideline for how to use Online Grocery Order & Delivery Services

Online Grocery Sequence PDF

Feel free to download for use and comment if you have any feedback.

Have you heard? Ralphs now offers online order and delivery! What this means for me, as a sighted person, is: no more searching for parking, no more dealing with crowds, no more waiting in long lines, and MORE time to do other things! What this means for a visually impaired person: all those things and more accessibility!

This lesson sequence is not meant to replace a traditional grocery store lesson because it is still important for our students to understand how to navigate a traditional grocery store (for those late night cravings or last minute ingredients). This lesson is meant to show our students the options they have.

Helpful Links to Common Grocery Stores

Ralphs Delivery FAQ Click Here

Albertsons Delivery FAQ Click Here

Vons Delivery FAQ Click Here

Instacart Click Here

2 thoughts on “Guide to Online Grocery Order & Delivery Services

  1. Even I believe Online Grocery Order & Delivery is really helpful. The people who doesn’t get enough time for grocery shopping would be able to use this guide line.

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