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What is GoGoGrandparent?

GoGoGrandparent is a company that serves as a connection between individuals who would like to utilize ride sharing services but do not have the technology to do so themselves. Adults who do not use smart phones are limited to their access to these services but GoGoGrandparent changes the game!

A typical Uber or Lyft rider uses their smart phone to navigate the app to order a ride, gather information about their driver, and to pay for the ride, but GoGoGrandparent performs these steps for a user via a phone call.

“We order licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies on your behalf as your representative so that you can seamlessly access and use the low cost, fast and efficient transportation services that your grandkids are using, with a landline or flip phone.”

Who is it designed for?

“Our services are for independent adults who want to maintain their lifestyle. Some members use us to order rides that reduce the amount & type of driving they do (such as driving at night or going unfamiliar places), while others use us to order rides as their complete car replacement.”

There is no age restriction to use this service except to be 18+ but it is most appropriate for older adults.

How does it work?

The difference from other ride sharing services is that an individual makes a phone call to the GoGoGrandparent call center and the ride ordering process happens over the phone with an operator rather than independently on a smartphone screen. Since the rider does not have a smart phone, they find out the drivers name, type of vehicle, and ETA via this phone call.

Next, GoGoGrandparent tracks the ride from pick-up to drop-off and can send text message updates to a riders designated person of contact they choose upon sign-up.

The company pulls drivers from Uber and Lyft and states on their website they let drivers know any important information about a rider in advance. This information could be that the rider is visually impaired, uses a cane, a walker, a wheelchair, service dog, etc.

“That’s why even when we request an UberASSIST we make sure the person that accepts the request knows they’ll be picking up someone that’s older and we ask to make sure that’s okay.”

How much does it cost?

Just like other ride sharing services, prices vary depending on the area and time of day.  Charges include a ride base fare + price per mile + price per minute. In addition there is a GoGoGrandparent concierge fee. The website offers a tool to enter a zip code to check fare rates. I tested it out entering zip codes from different areas throughout California and noticed considerable changes in prices depending on the area I searched.

Have Questions?

Call (855) 464-6872

I used this number to call for more info. while doing research for this post and the customer service representative was polite, patient, and answered all of my questions.

Helpful Links

GoGoGrandparent Website Click Here

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“Ok, Sign me up!” Click Here

To sign up online or over the phone you will need the riders information, a family member or caregivers contact information, and billing information. The card on file will be charged a $20 deposit fee which will be used as credit for future rides.

When a ride is being scheduled the operator will provide a price the ride is going to cost and the driver and can either confirm to continue or cancel.

Just like other ride sharing services no cash needs to ever be exchanged between the driver and rider and the card on file through GoGoGrandparent will be charged automatically.

Tips and Tricks

When a rider calls GoGoGrandparent to schedule a pick-up they will first be connected to an automated menu and hear:

“Thanks for calling GoGoGrandparent”

PRESS 1 for a car to your home

PRESS 2 for a car to where we dropped you off last

PRESS 3, 4 or 5 for a car to a custom pick up location  (once you’re registered please give us a call to set these up)

PRESS 6 to order a ride with an operator

PRESS 0 to speak with an operator about anything else

The operator I spoke to suggested every caller PRESS 3-6 or 0 to be connected to a real person at the call center. Operators are available 24/7 to give quotes, schedule rides in advance and answer questions.





Updated: March, 2018

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