My Cane: A Social Story

Contributed by: Abby Naska, Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist

This could be a supplement to a basic cane lesson for younger kids with low vision who enjoy books.

Appropriate for ages PreK-2

My Cane: A Social Story


I am learning how to use my cane. It is important to use it correctly. When I am walking, my cane can help me to stay safe.


The grip is the part that I hold on to. The tip is the part that touches the floor.

When I am walking I need to keep my cane in front of my body. I hold on to the grip. I keep the tip on the floor.


When I keep my cane in front of my body, it can help me find things that I can’t see. It can help me to know when there are steps, and it can help me to not trip over things.


When I go down the stairs, I hold my cane in front of me.

 When I go up the stairs, the tip of my cane taps each step.


When I walk outside with my cane, it can help drivers to see me better. If drivers can see me, I can be safer outside.


Using my cane helps me to be safer and independent.

The End

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