DIY Signage for Monocular Practice


This is a project to create a handy set of signage that you can carry around with you to different instruction sites.

First you’ll need to think of age appropriate signage for the population you teach such as: restroom, nurse, caution, closed, open, construction, wet paint, fire extinguisher, no trespassing, office, post office, use crosswalk, hospital, bank, emergency exit, out of order, keep off, police, etc.

Print out the words in different font styles, sizes, boldness, and contrast like the picture above. You’ll want to laminate the signs so that they last longer and so they stick out straight when you post them up.

The next step is to cut one magnetic strip for each sign, and then add small Velcro pieces to the top and bottom of each strip.

Then add Velcro on the four edges of all your signs. This is so you can switch which direction you hang the signage and aren’t limiting yourself to it facing only one way.

Now you are ready to take your signs to every site you visit and don’t need to worry about what type of signage is already there or not!

Materials: Black and White Velcro (available at Michaels or on Amazon), Flexible magnetic strip (available on Amazon), Scissors, Access to a laminating machine, color printer

One thought on “DIY Signage for Monocular Practice

  1. I love the magnetic strips! Now how to organize all of it while on the go is another trick.
    Thanks for sharing.

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