Cane & Compass is 3! Est. 2015


In April 2015 I was scanning the glossary of my O&M textbooks brainstorming the perfect name for my blog. I was completely stressed out with grad school and needed a positive outlet to get me through.

As I progressed through the O&M program and began student teaching, I quickly realized there was a shortage of resources for creative instruction. There were numerous videos and tutorials all over the web that show how to perform O&M techniques, but a lack of resources to aid specialists to teach concepts in fun, motivating, creative ways.

I was inspired to design this online space for all O&M Specialists to visit and use with the hope that it can be a collective resource for lesson planning that was easy to find and use.

The very first few posts such as Cardinal Directions, Duck tape, & Cones, Pirate’s Treasure Map, and Cardinal Directions Board Game were projects I had created during my internships. I had found a new source for personal motivation and was thriving on having this outlet.

Over the past 3 years, the projects shared here have only gotten more creative and diverse to address topics such as transportation and technology.

I want to thank those of you who have contributed your own creative ideas. The usefulness of this resource depends on the amount of these contributions. If you have something you think would be useful to others in the field, check out the How to Contribute  page to find out how. There is a template you can choose to follow to make it as easy as possible.

In June 2017 the Cane and Compass Shop was launched. Throughout the beginning of 2017 I had a feeling growing inside of me that I wanted to do more with Cane and Compass, but I needed to figure out what “it” was. I decided to start my own clothing line with a goal that the designs I created would start conversations and reduce misconceptions about people with visual impairments. I basically wanted to have the option to wear something that said things we have all thought quietly in our minds on lessons like…”It’s Just a Cane!”

The way I know that I made the right decision to create the shop is that no one I’ve talked to who works in the field or has vision loss has ever asked me what the shirt means.

They just get it.  

On the other hand, people who don’t work in the field, have not experienced vision loss, or personally know someone who has, do not just know what it means.

That’s where the conversations start.

Since launching, new designs have been created such as the “Just Say Hey” adult and kids tee. There is also the fun “I ♥ Orientation and Mobility” bumper sticker, and the -Limited Edition- Handcrafted White Cane Keychain & Pins.

What’s next?

ALL proceeds from your purchase of a White Cane Keychain & Pin will be donated directly to the fire relief efforts of Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, San Francisco to rebuild Enchanted Hills Camp. We are aiming to raise $500 to be donated before June 15, 2018 when the first session of camp starts. We are currently HALF WAY there!

We have a few other projects that will be announced soon and you can follow along on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

3 years later and Cane and Compass is still my passion project that I enjoy working on every day. Thank you to everyone who has helped Cane and Compass grow and I cannot wait to see what happens next!



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