Fridays at Reins

Every Friday Scott participates in equine therapy at REINS Therapeutic Horsemanship Program.

Scott has been going to Reins for around seven years and now I look forward to going with him each week too. There is something magical about this place. To get to Reins you turn off a busy two lane road and then cross a bridge with a huge welcome sign posted next to it. This leads to a narrow one lane road with the horse corrals on either side. Sometimes the horses are hanging out right next to the fence as if they are greeting you as you drive by.

We try to arrive early enough so Scott can brush either of the two horses he rides, Flash and Konah, and put the saddle on. I pass the time while he rides by walking around, visiting the horses, and making funny videos for Instagram. We sometimes spend some more time walking around the property when he is done. We usually don’t want to leave.

In addition to the all the horses and scenery, the people are what make this place truly special. Everyone takes a second to greet you, whether they are getting a horse ready for a ride, passing by on a lesson, or on the tractor!

Reins put together the video below which features Scott sharing his story and how attending Reins has helped him. I have no doubt you too will feel the magic of Reins by watching.

The welcome sign as you drive in that says "Welcome Changing lives one ride at a time!"
Ashley and Scott smiling for a selfie with an all brown horse named Flash
Ashley from the back pointing at her sweater with the Reins logo
Scott holding Flash's face while gazing down smiling at him
Flash putting his mouth on Scotts face as Scott lifts it up to get away
Scott putting a saddle on flash
Ashley petting Flash while he is drinking water and it looks like his tongue is sticking out
Scott smiling with Konah and Konah is showing his teeth as if he is smiling for the photo

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