We’re having a baby!

I can’t believe its been six months since our last post and there is so much to write about, but there’s one HUGE announcement we are exited to share….We are having a baby!

We found out in July right before we took our family summer vacation and luckily those first trimester symptoms didn’t kick in until after we got home. For summer break we took a trip to visit Ashley’s cousin and her husband who are living at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and then we all took a road trip together to visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

A selfie from the Fourth of July, the day we found out we were expecting!
Scott, Ashley, Aly, Samantha (Ashley’s Cousin), Jarrod (Samantha’s husband) smiling in front of Mount Rushmore.

Once the first trimester symptoms did kick in, Scott and I went to Trader Joes and bought every single item they sell with ginger in it, but unfortunately I did not find any of it very tasty. I then found some ginger pills to take that seemed to help a little, but I really just had to patient and wait for that part of the pregnancy to pass. Luckily it did and I started feeling better and more like myself again at the start of the second trimester. My bump seemed to appear over night as well and we took a trip to Target and a maternity clothing store, and I was so thankful to get some clothes I could be comfortable in again.

Ashley standing in front of wall of paper flowers holding a small belly bump around 14 weeks pregnant.

I’ve always enjoyed doing projects around the house and Scott was pretty used to me coming up with home improvement ideas, but around 14 weeks things got a little crazy. Aly and I painted the baseboards throughout the entire house, and this led to us painting the entire interior as well. We also removed a cabinet that had some wallpaper behind it and installed panelling in its place so we could have an area dedicated to jackets, shoes, backpacks, etc. The whole project took about three weeks and despite how exhausted we were at the end of it, I didn’t stop there. Scott came home from a workout one day and discovered I had began the prep work to paint our bedroom. We are done painting now and when I look around the house it is rewarding to see how much we accomplished.

We have continued some other home projects, Scott completed the CAF Triathlon Challenge in October, and Aly is currently on Thanksgiving break. We are 26 weeks along now and feel so loved and supported by our family and friends.

Ashley 18 weeks pregnant, Aly, and Scott holding Ashley’s belly in matching blue outfits smiling to the camera.

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